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DMC S.A. is a Chilean consulting firm founded in 1988. Over the years its
clients have included the Chilean Central Bank, the Under-Secretary of
Telecommunications, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the
Caribbean (ECLAC), the General Directorate for International Economic
Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Association of Fruit
Since 2012, it has focused on NCRE in Chile, and has acted as a bridge
between German companies from this sector and their Chilean customers. For
example, the German companies Krinner GmbH and MT-Mechatronics
GmbH were represented by DMC S.A. and participated in constructing the
"El Romero" photovoltaic solar project in Vallenar during 2016.


DMC S.A. is currently collaborating with Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR) -Center for Solar Energy Technologies (CSET) - in identifying agriculturaldevelopment projects that require sources of renewable energy to improve their performance.

We provide consultancy services in national and international trade.

We can represent foreign companies and provide legal,commercial and communicative advice for energy investment projects..


Esteban Tomic Errázuriz
Attorney, Bachelor of Law, Political and Social Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad
Católica de Chile Law School (1964). He was awarded the Tocornal and Montenegro Prizes for being the best graduate in his class.

He founded DMC S.A. in 1988, which was responsible for designing and implementing the Chilean Telecommunications Development Fund. Also, DMC S.A. developed a methodology to calculate the country's exports of mining services on behalf of the Central Bank of Chile.
He was Executive Chairman of the Chilean Mobile Telephone Association (ATELMO) (1999-2000).

He co-authored a study entitled
"The Challenges and Opportunities of Non-Conventional
Renewable Energies (NCRE) in Chile", Study Series 7, Konrad Adenauer Foundation (2012).
He taught the course "Energy Integration" in the "Energy Law" Diploma of the Universidad
Mayor (2014). He is a member of the Chilean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CAMCHAL) and a founding member of its Energy Group.
In 1994 he was decorated by the President of Germany with the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit.

Languages: Native Spanish, fluent English and fluent German

Francisco Aranguiz
Attorney, Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences from the Universidad de Chile Law School.

He has experience as a researcher, speaker and author of studies on NCRE and energy.
He provides legal advice and litigation support for companies in the electricity sector.
He is an advisor in innovation and business development
for national and international
companies in the electricity sector. He is member of the Chilean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CAMCHAL)

Languages: Native Spanish and fluent English.

Agricultural Engineer UC.

He graduated as an Agricultural Engineer with a major in Agricultural Economics from the Universidad Católica de Chile (1984). Diploma in Advanced Studies (2011) and a PhD (2016) within the Architecture, Cultural and Environmental Heritage Program at the
University of Seville Architecture School, Spain. His postgraduate studies as a visiting scholar were at the University of California, Berkeley (1993) and the University of Stanford,
(1998). He was Associate Professor at the Economics and Administration Faculty of the Universidad Central de Chile (2004 - 2018). Currently, he is administrator for the "CODELCO: Monitoring the Sapunta Valley" contract in the Pampa Puno district, Antofagasta Region. This is a Ministro Hales Division contract, through the environmental consultancy GS3 Consultores. Basically, the plant composition and surface and underground
water conditions in the valley are being monitored for conservation purposes.
He was advisor to the Undersecretary of Agriculture (2014-2018), and represented the
Ministry of Agriculture on the Inter-Ministerial Commission on Cities, Housing and Land (COMICIVYT) responsible for developing National Land Management Policy (PNOT) and Regional Land Management Plans (PROT). He was Technical Secretary of CONAMA's
Advisory Council (1998-2006). He served as a United Nations advisor to the Joint FAO-

ECLAC Agricultural Division (1986-1998), and later as a consultant to FAO. He was a moderator at the Third European Forum on Rural Development, Palencia, Spain (2011).
He was an advisor to the Sustainable Development Division of CODELCO, covering community relations, territorial development and the environment (2004-2011). Later he was
an EMSA consultant on community projects. He has been an external consultant for several
companies dedicated to environmental research and consultancy, including GS3, AMEST,
He is Projects Director for irrigation studies on Easter Island, Director of the UNDP-INDAP
project, Consultant for IICA, PREALC, IDB, Director of Non-Governmental Organizations and Non-Profit Foundations, Agro-productive enterprises at Agricola Persea SA dedicated to producing fruit, and Coordinator of Agricultural Development Programs for the Institute for
Development and Cooperation Foundation and later Executive Director of the Foundation.

Languages: Native Spanish and fluent English.

Nuria Hartmann.
Independent consultant.

LShe has a degree in Macroeconomics from the University of Cologne, Germany.
She studied Latin American Regional Sciences and Macroeconomics with a major in Energy
Economics in Germany. She has been based in Chile since 2013.
She served as a Senior Sustainability and Climate Change Consultant at Pricewaterhouse
Coopers (PwC) Chile, where she worked on various projects and studies regarding NCRE and energy efficiency. She participated in a project to promote solar energy by GIZ and the Ministry of Energy.
She is a project manager for the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation, where she leads several projects, including several workshops and seminars on environmental issues, such as plastic pollution, in conjunction with Regional Environmental Authorities and Municipalities.
She has coordinated international conferences to promote regional cooperation on sustainability issues, including the First Climate Week 2017 in Santiago.

Languages: Native German, fluent Spanish and fluent English.